Sunday, April 28, 2013

PLN Final Report

Personal Learning Network, I think this has been my weakest link so far in this course. I know building my PLN is very important and it is an ongoing process, but I have not succeeded the way that I probably should have. As far as connecting with teachers across the broad spectrum I have made a few contacts through Twitter. I would have to say I have mostly focused on the lessons that the people have taught me versus connecting with them. My network is still relatively small, however out of the ones I have in my PLN I would have to say I enjoyed Krissy Venosdale's thoughts and blog posts the most. Her blog title is Venspired and that is a great title. Her tweets and re-tweets have triggered thoughts about what it really means to be an educator. I also have started using Symbaloo as my home page. Symbaloo allows me to stay connected to the vital parts of my PLN with ease. I like the versatility of creating your own icons for sites that may not have one already. My PLN will continue to grow and I look forward to adding to it in the future, and possibly one day when I am a teacher, EDM 310 students will add me to their PLN.

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