Sunday, April 28, 2013

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The Masters Golf Tournament

Dr. John Strange's Strange Thoughts

My first comment of C4T #4 was a post by Dr. Strange about The Masters golf tournament that takes place in Augusta, Georgia each year. This is the premiere tournament in the golfing world and the winner takes home a hefty monetary prize and the coveted Green Jacket of the Augusta National Golf Club. This would be, in many golfers eyes, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, or the World Series of golf. With such high stakes and prestige one would think the rules wouldn't have to be reviewed for PGA Tour veteran, Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods has understood the rules of golf since he was probably five years old. A situation arose during the 2nd round of The Masters tournament when Woods made an illegal drop. At the end of each round of the tournament the player has to sign off on his scorecard. After the fact, rules officials assessed Woods a 2 stroke penalty for the error. In the game of golf there are some unwritten rules that are followed and since it is coined a "gentlemen's game" many veterans frowned on the situation stating that Woods should have disqualified himself from the tournament for his infraction. All of that to say, that sometimes we don't always own up to our mistakes. Many times we try to hide them or play "dumb" to the rules. In education integrity is foremost in the teaching of our children. Students deserve teachers that have the utmost respect for their education to always do the right thing.

My 2nd post for our final C4T was on an older post by Dr. Strange from earlier in the semester. This post was important in the fact that it taught me of how NOT to handle myself as a person, professional and as an educator. Dr. Strange referenced a comment that a university student made on a blog of a child. As an assignment the students of EDM 310 make comments on elementary, middle, and high school student's blogs. The university student embarrassed themselves and the school by commenting in a very rude manor. One of the aspects of the assignment is to lift up others and encourage them, not break them down. In my comment to Dr. Strange, I interjected that obviously this student was not ready to become an educator. I also commented how I have had many takeaways from this class and how it has taught me about many aspects of life. I appreciate Dr. Strange's commitment to education. I am fortunate to have taken this class at the University of South Alabama.

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