Thursday, April 4, 2013

C4K March Summary

The first student's blog that I commented on in March was Berkley's post entitled What Reminds Me About Winter. It was a very creative post which made me think for a few minutes about things that remind me of winter. The things I listed were, soft fleece blankets, long fluffy socks, homemade chili, trees with no leaves, and super clear crisp nights when stars seem to be more plentiful than usual. Blogs really give students an avenue of expression in writing but also a way to make connections to others that share similar interest.

The second blog belonged to Markeseia, in which she talked about Andersonville which was a Confederate Civil War prison for the Union. Since I am a history education major I enjoyed this post. Markeseia did a great job describing the conditions the prisoners had to endure and many died there. I noted that Andersonville now serves as a memorial to all POWs that have served in U.S. related wars.

Third, I commented on Shanika's blog from Pt England School in Auckland, NZ. I think it is so interesting how students around the world are using technology in the classrooms and how it expands their learning realm. Her post was a short video of how she has used blogging to learn. She noted several new tools she had learned to use to make her blog better. I encouraged her to keep up the good work and I explained that I look forward to using blogs in my future classroom.

For my last installment of C4K March I visited Rylee's blog. Her post was about standing up for yourself and what you believe. I related some of my own experiences to her situation and encouraged her. Many times students can get taken advantage of by other students but also by teachers and administrators. Standing up to opposition is a hard thing to do but once you make that stand you have a sense of relief. Blogging is an awesome tool where students can reach out with their stories and help others or gain support from similar students.

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