Monday, April 1, 2013

Blog Post #10

John T. Spencer

Mr. Spencer commented that this cartoon was a mock of the PC/Mac commercial. I feel that you get what you pay for regardless of what it is, whether it is a pencil or a computer. I personally love the Ticonderoga pencils, and they are a much better product than the cheap big box logo pencils. I own all PCs but there are five iPhones in our house. In a previous college experience I used Mac computers and they are the best in quality. I do have to admit that a PC has been very good to me through the years and I can count on one finger how many times I have had a serious issue with a PC, and it was the result of something I did. Actually the next computer I buy will be a Mac. This cartoon could be viewed as symbolic to the results of finely tuned guidance in educating children. The better content and use of resources in the prepared teacher's classroom will be more effective in properly preparing the students for the future. The job of passing kids to the next grade can be done in other burp back ways and not really be as thorough. Interesting cartoon!

Why Were Your Kids Playing Games?

Old school administrators are still beating up the teachers that are trying to move learning into the 21st century. A larger part of those old school guys and gals are nearing their retirement and hopefully the new folks moving in will really embrace the change. Teaching and learning has been forever changed with the technology that is currently available to most educators. By the time I get into my own classroom things will have progressed even more than now. I try to keep an open mind to everything, but sometimes I can get bogged down in the rhetoric against new methods and ideas, but I plan to look to mentors and other people in my support network to help me keep my focus on the students.

The Con Academy

Mr. Spencer examined an idea of students learning outside the classroom. I know Mr. Spencer appreciates innovations in learning but he sees some of the ideas as glorified busywork for the students. With his title "Con Academy", it tells me to not fall for everything that comes along. It all goes back to keeping the focus student centered. Piling the kids up with stacks of worksheets accomplishes nothing but frustrated students. Cookie cutter programs will not work for every classroom and could lead to some students bored due to simplicity or some can be overwhelmed with concepts not tailored to their needs. Big idea for me was to be on the look out for ideas that might be to good to be true.

Mr. McLeod

Yes, yes, yes, I follow. Mr. McLeod makes his point about holding up progress. I know a few people who refuse to use technology, but honestly, my wife's 78 year old grannie embraces technology, so why shouldn't the people teaching the students that will operate our world in the next generation, which will totally depend on technologies that have not been created yet. I am pursuing history teaching profession and I can think of times throughout history that innovation led to world progression. What about Roman roads and aqueducts, and how that changed the operation of society. We can't forget the industrial revolution that took countries from a fully agrarian society to a society of self-propelled carriages and mass production. With that said, why hold back students from reaching a height of learning never before achieved. Embrace change!

That would be Dr. McLeod, the Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky, and also the Director of Innovation for Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa. A leader in innovation for education, and is one of the leading experts on K-12 educational technology. Dr. McLeod has received many awards for his technology leadership, and has set the standard for many to follow.


  1. " wife's 78 year old grannie embraces technology..." Good for her!

    You got them both: metaphor and sarcasm. Well done.

  2. I think you did a great job at summarizing and describing these things. I liked how you made a reference to history in the paragraph about Mr.McLeod's article. The teachers should embrace technology to better prepare their students for the future.