Sunday, March 10, 2013

C4T #2, Comment Summary

Krissy Venosdale's, "Who are you learning from?"

My C4T this week was for Krissy Venosdale. I was excited to be assigned to her blog. I really enjoyed the assignment from last week from her blog "If I Built A School". The blog post I commented on of Ms. Venosdale's talked about being challenged and collaborating. She explained how it is a give and take collaboration to expand our thoughts and ideas. Ms. Venosdale's post was similar to my Blog Post #3 in which we discussed peer editing, and my allusion to the Proverb "Iron Sharpens Iron, and one man sharpens another". Collaboration through blog post, comments, and peer editing really allows me as a husband, parent, student and future educator to expand my thought process.

You are a Learner

On my return visit to Ms. Venosdale's blog I commented on a post about realizing as a teacher you are always a learner. She explained how it is important to be honest and open with your students and how the experience in learning is positively affected by that honesty. It is not possible to know everything and there is no need to pretend that we do. As Ms. Venosdale explained the power of saying "I don't know", gives the opportunity to say "let's find out". That saying is one of the main things I have taken away from EDM310 so far this semester. I have enjoyed her blogs very much as she has a thorough grip on the reality of being a teacher that guides and mentors, versus barking out orders in the classroom. I hope the learning that I am experiencing now is able to continue past the rules and regulations that go into a position as a teacher.

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