Sunday, March 3, 2013

C4K summary for February

Week One

For my first C4K assignment I was assigned to a student named Hannah. Hannah blogged about imperialism in WWI. I commented with my prior knowledge of imperialism from a class I had last semester on British colony which dealt with imperialism and its effects on the colonized and the citizens back in Britain. Her comments were right on target about how imperialism created chaos throughout the world. I complimented on her concepts she explained and elaborated with my prior knowledge of the subject.

Hannah's Blog

Week Two

I was assigned to a student named Nayah. Nayah spoke in her blog about homework and how she liked homework and thought it was important but there needed to be a balance in the amount given. I commented about how homework prepares students for assessments and projects. Also her input as a student makes me aware as a future educator to implement a balance of homework and classwork.

Nayah's Blog

Week Three

This week I commented on Sela's blog from Mrs. King's classroom at Pt England School, New Zealand. She spoke about returning to school and being nervous in a new class. I told her about how I had been nervous entering EDM310 because of the new technology being used. She talked about how her teacher along with two others decided to merge three classrooms to teach collaboratively. I told her about EDM310 and how we work together, across several classes, by peer editing. I compared her class to ours in the fact that we are using new technology to learn just like she is doing through blogging.

Sela's Blog

Week Four

This week I commented on a student's blog from Baldwin County High School. In Miranda's blog she spoke about hegemony at school. She seemed a bit frustrated at being told she was wrong with an opinion about musical expression. I related a story of my own from when I was a student in junior college. Reading the students' blogs really has opened my eyes to a few things I may not perceive as negative that may come across as that way. I encouraged her to remain positive even when she may be discouraged a little.

Miranda's Blog

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