Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finding the Right Tool

In the near future I will become a secondary educator of history and or social studies. This semester I am taking geography online here at USA. A few weeks ago one of my assignments was to take a virtual field trip. The site I was linked to had interactive content with progressive links to the next leg of the tour. Along the way I had questions to answer for my assignment. Virtual tours and field trips are one of the many "Right Tools" that I plan to use in my classroom on a regular basis. The website, Teaching History with Technology, had a list of links and sites for virtual field trips and tours. With this tool my students will be able to visit historical locations from their laptops or tablet computers without leaving the school. I will assign these tours as a supplement to help students grasp the topic or location being covered in class.

The Museum of Mobile has a virtual tour, also Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, was one of the virtual tours that really impressed me. Using this technology will allow me as a teacher to be creatively affective in using modern technology to keep students interested in history. I would also assign the students into groups to collectively create and assemble their own virtual field trips and tours through using some of the tools that has been mentioned in EDM310 such as, Google Presentations, Prezi, and Pinterest. I really think this tool will be a great addition along with other tools to present history in a fun and exciting way.

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