Monday, February 11, 2013

Blog Post #4


In the many resources there was common areas of learning and that was the higher level skills that the children were learning and applying. In using podcast teachers were able to present learning in a new and fun way to the children in which the kids were continuously engaged in the task. Creativity, evaluating, and analyzing were all used in creating a podcast in the Langwitches articles. This higher level thinking takes the students to new heights in education. The main focus of the projects was not to teach the kids about the programs used, but the skills that were tapped into by allowing them to explore new tools used in learning. The read-a-long story book showed how six and seven year old students experimented with their voice by using inflection, fluency, pitch and emotions in telling the story. Having children in that same age group it amazed me at how thorough the students were with that project. Also the fact that a child has to hear a new word used over seventy times before they will retain it and know how to properly use that word, was an amazing statistic that I was unfamiliar with until now. I am excited about using podcasts in my future classoom to reach a new level of learning in history education!


  1. You need to identify, provide a link to, summarize and then evaluate and or comment upon the assignment. See Writing A Quality Blog Post. You made only one reference to one thing you watched.

  2. There is no links or pictures in your blog post. Other than that pretty well written.

  3. Thank you for your comments. I apologize for my sub-par work. Normally, I do a much better job.