Sunday, May 5, 2013

Project #13 Collaboration

Group Collaboration

Nikki Rae Mooney, Farrah Deese, Ciara Deese and I used Google Docs and FaceTime to work together on Project #15 Smart Board project. We wrote an outline on what we were wanting to teach and what lessons could be done based off of the state website. We used Google Docs, and it was a great help to us because we could collaboratively edit our ideas at our own pace. The use of FaceTime allowed us to get a feel of how the lesson should be taught and how effective it would be. Meeting via Facetime saved us time when it was time to shoot video. We were able to work out any possible problems beforehand and discuss ideas from other Smart Board lessons. We wanted it to flow smoothly and know who was going to teach what. And the last stage of production we met together in the Education Building to film our Smart Board project # 15 video.

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