Sunday, May 5, 2013

Final C4K

At some point in April I missed logging what I wrote in a C4K, so I will summarize the two post I have logged. My first student was Ayden T in Mrs. Geldes class. Ayden wrote about Dr. Suess' book The Sneetches, and how its not right to judge others without really knowing their situation. In becoming an educator it will be very important that I do not judge students before I get to know and understand them. Students already have their peers judging them and when teachers join that it can ruin the self esteem of children and deflate their drive to succeed.

My second student was Olivia in Australia. Olivia talk about her Easter Holiday and visiting Melbourne with her family. She discussed how she wrote a lot on her school blog and even when she didn't have to she did anyways because she enjoyed it. It is important that students have the outlet of blogging to share their learning experiences with other students all over the world. Olivia's learning experience has been forever changed by educational technology.

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